Clinton campaign won't say why it postponed a fundraiser today

Hillary Clinton postponed a meet-and-greet with donors at the last minute Tuesday, and her campaign still hasn’t offered an explanation.

Clinton’s team would only say that there was a scheduling conflict. They offered no further detail.

A spokesperson for the Democratic nominee’s campaign did not respond to the Washington Examiner’s multiple requests for comment.

The now-postponed event, “Conversation with Hillary,” was to be held in Chapel Hill., N.C.

The “lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton” was to be held at the home of Better Craven and Michael Warner, according to local news affiliate

The event “had four donation levels to attend,” according to a separate CBS News affiliate.

“Those contribution levels were described as $100,000, which featured ‘chair reception with Hillary,’ $33,000, which included a ‘host reception with Hillary,’ $5,000, which included ‘preferred seating’ and $2,700,” the CBS report noted.

GOP nominee Donald Trump meanwhile had no scheduling hiccups Tuesday in North Carolina. He appeared as promised as a campaign rally in Kenansville.

Trump was also quick to note Clinton’s seemingly empty campaign schedule Tuesday.

Gohmert demands counter-terrorism bill focus on 'radical Islam'

Also from the Washington Examiner

The fiery Republican took to the floor for several minutes late Tuesday night during a debate on the bill.

09/20/16 9:07 PM

“Hillary Clinton is taking the day off again, she needs the rest. Sleep well Hillary — see you at the debate!” he said on social media.

One possible explanation for Clinton’s sudden — and yet-to-be-explained — cancellation is that she was on call Tuesday with several national security advisers, according to Time correspondent Phil Elliott.

Clinton is scheduled to appear Wednesday afternoon at a rally in Orlando, Fla.

Dallas newspaper editor: 'We've paid a price' for endorsing Clinton

Also from the Washington Examiner

The Dallas Morning News has experienced a noticeable decline in subscriptions following its endorsement.

09/20/16 8:43 PM

GOP subpoenas FBI to turn over Hillary Clinton email documents

Top Story

The chairman is working closely with a House colleague on the email investigation.

09/20/16 5:16 PM

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