Finally! Another Frank McHale Commentary

Hi Friends. I am pleased to announce that I am now affiliated again with my friend Steven Foley and his new venture, Liber8r, a libertarian and conservative site. I enjoyed my years at The Minority Report, but I felt that after he sold it, the direction of the site became much more extremely right wing, and my more moderate and libertarian voice was becoming lost.

I had many people come to me to say they, too, did not like many of the articles and commentaries that were now being posted, and that my brand could be damaged. So, I stopped posting on March 11.

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In addition, I want to share with you that since the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan left me long ago, I am now registered as a Libertarian in New York. I have always voted for the person and not for the letter next to his or her name, and as many of you know, I was inspired to write commentaries by the late, great Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, a JFK Democrat who described himself as “a liberal with sanity.” He, too, would be today a Libertarian.

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So, now that you are up to date for where I was and where I am now, let me share with you some of my political choices and endorsements for this election cycle.

President/Vice President – Donald Trump/Mike Pence
Senator – Wendy Long
CD   1 – Lee Zeldin
CD   2 – Peter King
CD   3 – Tom Suozzi
CD   5 – Gregory Meeks
CD 13 – Adriano Espaillat
CD 22 – Claudia Tenney

There are other New York Congressional District elections up this year but these are the most interesting to me, and as you can see, three are Democrats.

Understand though, I will not be restricting myself to writing about politics and current events. Instead, my writings will encompass all things of interest to me, including sports, music, entertainment and other venues of interest.

And finally, if you want to read my past commentaries, just know they are available on my personal blog for your reading pleasure. You may agree with my views or not, but be assured, your thought process will be challenged.

Thanks for your patience and loyalty. It means so much to me.


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