Marc Thiessen: ‘Absolutely Not True’ Clinton Didn’t Have the Money To Provide Security in Benghazi

‘They had the money to send all of those people into a situation of chaos but they didn’t have the money to provide them with the security they needed’

>> Joining us, mark Thiessen and Richard fowler. Great to see you both. Richard, just focus on that, the absence of security despite the begging for it by ambassador Stephens and the growing there that this amendment appears to have downplayed and the narrative is because they didn’t want to make it look bad in Libya on the anniversary of 9/11.
>> Here’s what I can say. So in 2010 Congress, the budget committee and both the House and the Senate chose to cut $296 million from the State Department budget that went to security for our embassies. Right?
>> She was the Secretary of State and he was an ambassador begging for more security.
>> But the resources weren’t there because Republicans and the Congress cut it.
>> What does a leader do in those circumstances?
>> You go back to Congress and ask for more money. I guarantee you —
>> Did she do that? Did she do that?
>> They were turned out —
>> Any record whatsoever of her going to Congress?
>> When a department, whether it be state, commerce, education, when they put in a budget request and it goes to the Congress, they go down to Congress and they testify about their budget request and when Congress choose to cut that request, multiple times, how can you then there blame the secretary for not having the resources that she needed to make shower those individuals are safe in Benghazi.
>> Did she ever say I need more resources, my ambassador is begging for security in a very unsafe area as we come up to the 9/11?
>> No. She didn’t say that shp she with reprogram money from one embassy to the other or one program to the other.
>> Let him finish.
>> Richard, stop talking. The reality is if the ambassador is calling and saying we need security, then she has the money that she can do it. It’s absolutely not true that she didn’t have the money and it was the Republican Congress’s fault. And second of all they had the money to overthrow the Libya regime without having a plan for what happened afterwards. They had the money to send all of those people into a situation of chaos but they didn’t have the money to provide them with the security they needed and they didn’t by the way have any troops anywhere nearby to rescue them. This is part of the Clinton doctrine. We have a larger problem here. The Clinton doctrine is to overthrow regimes and attack terrorists from the air without putting boots on the ground. We saw this during Bill Clinton’s presidency when we were attacked other and over again, world trade center, uss Cole, we throw a couple of missiles at them, and do nothing about taking away their sanctuaries. They followed the same dock rin in Libya. They had no plan for what to do yampds —
>> What about it, Richard?
>> That is unfair.
>> Let me ask you. So Libya seems — she wants to gloss over it because this is what she was basically saying. We didn’t lose anybody in Libya. Do we have the sound bite? Here’s what she said to NBC news just a couple of days ago. Watch.
>> With respect to Libya we did not lose a single American in that action.
>> Okay. Except for ambassador Stevens and the three other —
>> Wait a minute, Megyn. In this quote she said during the action which is a time in which they overthrew gaddafi. That’s when the action began and ended. Yes we lost four individuals there.
>> My point is she went into the action without providinged a kwalt ground troops to maintain the stability and then thing spun out of control and four Americans died. Four Americans are dead.
>> She’s a member of the national Security Council.
>> She controlled security at the consulate.
>> She does not control the Marines that are stationed at the consulate. Those are controlled by the Marines.
>> She controlled the security situation at the consulate, Richard, she did. It was one of the things that made the people inside unsar.
>> This goes back to narrative. Marc and others want to do everything in their pow tore take down Hillary Clinton, to compare her to her husband. But what we can say, the bush doctrine killed 5,000 troops and Donald Trump is more of the same. Those are the facts.
>> You want to dismiss —
>> No, I won’t dismiss it.


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