Pompeo: ‘It Won’t Surprise Me at All’ if We Discover More Benghazi Docs on Clinton’s Server

‘The only reason you give them immunity is because you want to learn something from them and that is normally before grand jury’

MACALLUM: “Is it your understanding that there are  documents never turned over that were supposedly personal that did in deed deal with the issue of Benghazi?”
POMPEO: “Yes, ma’am, we think so. But the truth is we still don’t know. There are still scores and scores of document, thousands we understand that we have not yet seen. We don’t know the contents of that. We can be pretty sure they weren’t just about yoga and scheduled. We know they were more serious than that. We learned there were many emails that were business-related, related to Benghazi we didn’t get originally until the third or fourth attempt. So it won’t sure surprise me that there are more Benghazi related documents that neither Congress or America had the chance to see yet.”


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