Reasonable Actions for and by Reasonable People

This is not for humorous effect. This is a very serious discussion for anyone wanting to be president or any other high stress job. In this case, Hillary Clinton really should submit to an independent exam to remove, or at least, to allay concerns about her health. We don’t need her to die in her first year, should she be elected.

If she were running and there were no past medical episodes to look at, this would not necessarily be a major concern for the electorate at large. After all, we have elected several people as President who were well over 65. But none of them had known potential health issues prior to their elections.

There is an interesting and sobering article in The Hill written by John R Coppedge, MD, a general surgeon from Texas, who admits he isn’t a neurologist or an opthamologist, but he also indicates that all people who attend medical school are taught to recognize brain trauma early in their education. So his diagnosis and recommendation for followup is based on the concept of reasonableness. Seems reasonable to me.

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For her and her handlers to ignore some very basic common sense actions borders on narcissism to think we are so stupid to believe there is nothing wrong with her, just because she says so. This is not 1841, where a President caught pneumonia and died a month later. Nor is it 1944, when a man ran for his fourth term, knowing he would not see its end.

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The lesson of the 1984 election was that we had a man run for his second term who, looking back now, probably was in the early stages of what we now call Alzheimer’s disease. Certainly, to be sure, by 1986, it was actually a struggle for us not to think there was something wrong with him.

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For the good of the nation, especially in these explosive times, Hillary Clinton should at least submit to an independent medical exam to finally remove any doubt of her fitness to serve. And then, if the exam proves that she is healthy, then all the stories and speculation concerning her health would then be put to rest.

Until then, this issue will not go away. Those who want her will claim it is a bunch of conspiracy theories and those don’t want her will claim she is a narcissist, out for her own self- aggrandizement, and not a care for the rest of America.

A reasonable person on either side will agree that a full medical evaluation is both to her advantage and to the country’s. It seems reasonable to me.

How about you? 


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