The Beach Hut Pals and Me

The Summer of 2016, sadly, is drawing to a close. However, unlike last year, I was able to enjoy so much of it without the pains I suffered through in 2015. For that, I am grateful.

I spent many summer evenings at my favorite place, the Venetian Shores Beach Hut, with so many old and new friends. We danced many nights to the great bands that only Long Island can produce.

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Some of my favorites included the Ronald Reagans, an 80s tribute band, the Rocking 45s, a band which highlighted 60s and 70s pop music, and Modern Justice, a band which featured Classic Rock mixed with many oldies favorites. As an aside, I am friends with some of these guys, but the music outdoors can’t be beat.

There will still be dancing at the Cedar Beach Hut on the weekend until the end of October, including the season-ending All Weekend Halloween Party.

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But since this is right on the ocean, it is advisable to bring something warm. Trust me, last week when I was at the Venetian, I wore shorts and a knit shirt. Suffice to say, we had to leave once the sun set because the cold air was unbearable. But the Sunsets ARE SPECTACULAR.

Anyway, the Beach Hut Pals are a fun group of mostly 60-plus somethings, but we have friends who are not yet members of the AARP crowd, too. That is the beauty of good music – it brings great friends together. 

We will be together during the cold winter nights, as well, but not outdoors. No, the next time we will be brave enough to be at the beach at night will be in May, 2017. But there are great cabarets on long Island which love to cater to those who come for a night of great music and terrific dancing. After all, we all seem to have “the beat to move me, baby”, even if we move just a little slower than we did yester-year. 

Something else you need to know about my Beach Hut Pals – they are the most caring and loving group of men and women I have ever met. We were there for the friends around us who celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, became sick or hospitalized, or, sadly, lost loved ones.

Just know this, as well. The Beach Hut Pals are like Family. We stand together like our own blood siblings would for us. In fact, I have always believed this – our blood siblings and cousins are the families our parents gave us, but our friends are the family we choose for ourselves. And in my case, I have one who crosses both spectra. My cousin Jolynne is the reason I am a member of this great family I call the Beach Hut Pals. If it weren’t for her telling me about her nights at the beach, I never would have discovered this great family who is now a part of my life, too.

So, as we say good -bye to summer, the Beach Hut Pals will still have plenty of warm nights and weekends together in the great indoor venues to hear and dance to great music until we can walk of the sands of Long Island again.

I can’t wait.


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