What is DOG Spelled Backwards?

A friend of mine asked us to watch their dog while they went away for the weekend to visit family. As you know, I love dogs, so yes was the operative answer.

They have a nice, older and stately home on Long Island’s North Shore, which overlooks the Long Island Sound. It is so tranquil and peaceful, and the view from the house is outstanding. It stands so high on the bluff. On a clear day, you can even see across the Sound to Connecticut.

My friend’s dog is a large, male mix of Rhodesian Razorback hound and I think pit bull. But he is so gentle and he must think he is a lap dog, because he loves to lay across my lap as I sit on the couch watching TV.

So, I took him out on Tuesday and we walked the entire perimeter of the five acre property. Afterwards, he was just so tired that he lay at my feet as I wrote this.

He is also a tease, as he takes his toy, puts it on my lap, but doesn’t entirely let go. When I reach for it, he pulls it away, much like I would have done to him, had I had the toy first. He has a sweet and loving personality.

He was a RESCUE by our friends, and I believe dogs who are rescued instinctively know that. I am sure a dog psychologist might disagree, but I have had several rescues in my life. And they all acted the same: with appreciation and love.

I think having a dog, and more importantly, rescuing a dog, is one of the greatest acts of humane kindness humans can demonstrate, because by rescuing a dog, you extend the life of an animal which would otherwise be put down because of over-population and nowhere to keep them.

And two other things a dog can do are to teach a child how to care for another living being and to give a senior citizen living alone purpose and companionship in a world which could easily become empty and lonely.

So, if you have space in your home and love in your heart, rescue a dog today. Both will grow at least ten-fold the day you bring him or her home.


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