A Chance for Renewal and for Healing

Finally! One day to go in the most divisive Presidential campaign in many years. I can’t wait. Can you?

I am not going to discuss again the reasons for why I am voting as I am. Instead, I want to focus on what needs to be done, starting tomorrow.

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First and foremost, we need to heal ourselves and start looking at ourselves as Americans again, not as Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives. The party labels we have placed on ourselves have proven to be only beneficial to those who wish to divide us.

So far, it seems, they have succeeded.

It has been the goal of a small minority to put us into confrontational situations and then judge us for being extremists, no matter which side we take. Then, they walk away knowing they have completed the task to further divide us.

And, the media feeds on this discontent. It is so much easier for it to point its pious and judgmental finger at you and me, than go out and investigate the reason for the angst and anger. It is afraid that it will have to report on itself.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

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You and I may have legitimate differences of opinion on the various issues we as a country face, and that’s ok. For years, we had been able to agree to disagree, politely and reasonably, and still remain friends.

But now, it is harder to kiss and make up because the gauntlet is stuck in the divide and can’t easily be pulled out. It isn’t your and my fault, my friends. It is the fault of those who wish to keep us divided by fanning the flames which is slowly burning us up. Soon, it would appear, we could be nothing but a pile of ashes.

Oh, and secondly, we need to put those differences behind us, so that we can move forward. This constant stagnation and anger is not good for the nation’s soul.

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One thing is a truth. We get a new chance to start over with a new President. I hope and pray that this person can find it in his or her heart to realize that we have been tearing ourselves apart since at least the 2000 election. The current President has done nothing to heal us and thankfully, he and his ilk will soon go away.

Finally, please make sure you vote tomorrow. It is why we honor our veterans – because they fought, in some cases died, to preserve this most basic and sacred right for us. It is the least of what we all can do to start the healing process.

I will be up until the last vote is recorded and reported. Will you?


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