Your Reason 2016 Election Results Regular Update Thread

Trump and ClintonJustin Lane/EPA/NewscomMaybe you don’t want to watch talking heads and fancy maps over at your cable news networks. Maybe you don’t want to keep refreshing some web page from a newspaper site. Maybe you’re out enjoying yourself at a bar or binge-watching Netflix instead of paying excessive attention to election results.

If you just want to check in periodically to see where various races stand, this is the blog post for you. I’ll be updating this post periodically with results that we feel our relevant to Reason readers: the presidential election, obviously, control of Congress, important ballot initiatives, and whatever else may come up this evening. I’ll toss the latest news, time-stamped, at the top of the post once reportable information comes in.

This won’t be a blog post for analysis. But rest assured, Reason writers will be picking over the results in other pieces to analyze what it all means for liberty and what we can expect moving forward.

Scott Shackford

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