Interior Pick Ryan Zinke Believes in Climate Change, Trump Thinks Approval Ratings Are Rigged: P.M. Links

Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of the Interior, doesn’t believe climate change is a hoax

What is that supposed to mean?

I don’t believe Climate Change is a “hoax” either…

….but i still think every liberal policy-demand using Climate Change as an excuse* is completely full of shit.

(*e.g. carbon-rationing/taxes/credits, bioethanol mandates, attempts to micromanage energy markets via regulation, anti-fracking regulation, multilateral international non-binding treaties with bullshit ‘targets’, etc etc etc.)

The actual headline in the link =

Interior nominee will review Obama limits on oil and gas drilling

my point exactly. who cares what he thinks about what’s a “hoax” or not? He seems to know good policy from bad.

Robby Soave

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