Manchin on Sessions, “He’s a good man.” Will Dems give Sessions same chance he gave Holder? 25 State AGs Endorse Sessions

Manchin accuses fellow Democrats of ‘playing politics’ on Sessions
Sen. Joe Manchin accused his fellow Democrats, especially centrist Democrats keeping their powder dry on a number of President-elect Trump’s nominees, of “playing politics” with Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be attorney general. … “I believe simply this: What I know of Jeff Sessions is that he’s a good man.” … After winning a nationwide election, Manchin said, presidents and governors should have the right to put together their Cabinets and executive team as long the nominees go through background checks and provide their financial disclosures. …  “I’ve been a governor. I asked the state senate for the same thing: Judge me on the team I put [together] and how we perform,” he said.

Will Dems Give Sessions The Same Chance He And GOP Gave Eric Holder?
Senate Republicans unanimously voted in favor of former Attorney General Eric Holder’s nomination to the same post in 2009, with many citing deference for a new president’s ability to form his Cabinet.
But even though several Senate Democrats spent years working alongside Sessions, with some sponsoring legislation with him, none but Manchin so far has publicly signaled they would back him.
Two of the Senate Democrats from states Trump won that the Washington Examiner spoke to about their consideration of Sessions’ nomination said Republicans’ unanimous support for Holder in 2009 would play no role in their decision on Sessions. The other two declined to comment.

***FLASHBACK*** At his own confirmation hearing in January 2009, Holder told Sessions he was “a great U.S. Attorney.”


25 State Attorneys General Endorse Sessions

Attorneys general from states including Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, South  Carolina and Ohio credited Sessions with leading efforts to reduce disparities in drug sentencing and with understanding the needs of prosecutors at the federal, state and local levels. … Sessions helped push forward the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, which reduced the disparity between the amount of crack cocaine and powder cocaine that trigger some criminal penalties and eliminated a mandate that possession of crack cocaine carry at least a five-year prison sentence. The attorneys general who support him wrote that Sessions “has the character to serve as United States Attorney General for all Americans.”


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