Editorials Praise Gorsuch, Slam Dems for Floating Filibuster

Boston Herald Editorial: Shame on Senate Dems


So the top Democrat in the U.S. Senate, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer made it official yesterday — he will lead a filibuster of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. What a pity. And how utterly shameful that Massachusetts’ two senators were among the very first to jump on board this ill-advised band wagon. The move came even as Nancy Scott Degan of the American Bar Association was explaining to the Judiciary Committee how the ABA arrived at its “well qualified” rating — the highest the group can bestow on the nominee. The evaluating committee contacted almost 5,000 people nationwide with knowledge of the judge’s qualifications — including integrity, professional competence and temperament. “The scope of our investigation was deep and broad,” Degan said. “We do not give the well-qualified rating lightly.”


Denver Post Editorial: Michael Bennet should buck Democrats and speak up for Neil Gorsuch


Colorado’s senior senator, Democrat Michael Bennet, is blowing an important opportunity to stand up for our state and nation in sitting on the sidelines while his party foolishly seeks to block the path of Denver native Neil Gorsuch to the highest court in the land. Instead of working all along to stave off his party’s expected effort to block Gorsuch, Bennet kept his silence. Now, despite Gorsuch’s laudable performance throughout his confirmation hearings, the Senate’s top Democrat, Chuck Schumer of New York, is officially calling on his fellow senators to filibuster. As we’ve noted several times in the run-up to Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings, the 10th Circuit judge posses the fairness, independence and open-mindedness necessary to make him a marvelous addition to the Supreme Court. Missing the chance to rally behind Gorsuch — who has been roundly praised here by Democrats and Republicans alike — already diminishes Bennet. He cannot remain silent any longer. If Bennet wants to be known for representing Colorado, and not resting on his East Coast elitist pedigree, he should demonstrate the same kind of autonomy and courage Gorsuch already has exhibited.


Wall Street Journal Editorial: Schumer’s Gorsuch Gambit

Democrat Harry Reid set this precedent in 2013 when he changed Senate rules to jam Barack Obama’s nominees onto the appellate courts. Last October Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine vowed that Senate Democrats would do the same for the Supreme Court if Republicans opposed a Clinton nominee: We “will change the Senate rules to uphold the law.” The Supreme Court was a central issue in 2016, and Republicans won the Senate and the White House. If Mr. Schumer insists on a filibuster, then Republicans have an obligation to respect their voters and confirm Judge Gorsuch anyway.


Indianapolis Star Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Judge Gorsuch’s slam dunk



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