Rejuvenation Utilizing Human Umbilical Twine Blood Plasma

VampireFaceliftVampire FaceliftHuman blood plasma obtained from umbilical cords revitalizes the hippocampus and improves cognitive operate in aged mice in response to a brand new research revealed in Nature. The analysis was accomplished by a workforce led by Stanford College neurologist Tony Wyss-Coray. The researchers injected human wire plasma into outdated mice, and located that they may higher bear in mind the way to run by means of a maze than these receiving no injections. This analysis builds on earlier parabiosis research by which younger mice have been stitched along with outdated mice. These research discovered that being uncovered to younger blood rejuvenated the organs and muscle tissue of outdated mice.

On this new research the researchers remoted a blood protein TIMP2 from umbilical wire plasma and injected it into outdated mice the place it boosted their recollections nearly in addition to the younger plasma did. The Stanford workforce means that TIMP2 may very well be used therapeutically to enhance ageing human brains.

Nevertheless, different researchers cite experiments that discovered that outdated blood has a construct up of things that contribute to ageing by inhibiting mobile restore and that younger blood doesn’t rejuvenate.

Wyss-Coray is the founding father of biotech startup Alkahest which is running a small clinical trial aiming to see what effects that injecting blood plasma from young people into 18 people suffering from Alzheimer’s might have. The results are slated to be reported later this year. Last fall, Alkahest reported that injecting old mice with blood plasma from young humans had rejuvenating effects on their bodies and brains.

In the meantime, another company Ambrosia is offering a clinical trial now in which participants are injected with young plasma derived from donors ranging in age from 15 to 25 years old. One month after participants received two-liters of plasma, the company begins checking for charges in 100 biomarkers for any rejuvenating effects. The company controversially charges participants $8,000 for the privilege of participating. Last year, Inc. magazine reported that venture capitalist and self-described libertarian Peter Thiel had expressed interest in Ambrosia’s trial.

Ultimately the goal of this research is not to drain Millenials of their plasma to benefit Baby Boomers, but instead to isolate and synthesize the anti-aging compounds in young blood.

For more background see my article, The Vampire Cure for Aging.

Ronald Bailey

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