Trump’s Overseas Coverage Is All Bluster and Bombs: New at Purpose

MOABDODWhen terrorism raises its head, governments typically take steps which might be presupposed to make us safer—banning tiny knives from airplanes, placing steel detectors at stadium entrances, issuing “orange” alerts. Skeptics dismiss these measures as “safety theater.” They seem to be a present, not a real impediment to terrorists.

The Trump administration, obsessive about imagery, has tailored this method to nationwide safety. The president tweets bellicose warnings to North Korea. The vice chairman goes to South Korea to don a bomber jacket and stare implacably throughout the Demilitarized Zone. An plane provider steams towards the Sea of Japan—or moderately, Trump claims it is doing so even because it heads the other way, hundreds of miles away.

Anybody who heard Donald Trump brag about his selection for protection secretary is aware of that half the enchantment of James Mattis was his nickname, “Mad Canine,” which the president used each probability he obtained. Had Mattis been generally known as “Peewee” or “Mouse,” he would have been handed over.

With all of the noise and spectacle, this presidency typically appears much less like an try at governance and extra like a rehearsal for a Broadway musical. It is simply not clear whether or not it is going to be a comedy or a tragedy. Steve Chapman explains extra.

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