Australian Voters Say Sure to Homosexual Marriage Recognition (However There’s Extra to Come)

Yes flagRichard Milnes / MEGA / NewscomThe outcomes of Australia’s mail-in referendum on same-sex marriage are in, and its residents have considerably declared they want to see their homosexual brothers and sisters tie the knot.

In the long run, 61.6 p.c of voters stated sure to legally recognizing same-sex . And the nation noticed almost 80 p.c of its eligible residents mail again their ballots.

But it surely’s not fully a accomplished deal. This was a non-binding referendum, and doesn’t truly power the nation to acknowledge homosexual marriages. The nation’s Parliament continues to be going to must vote to make it authorized.

That is type of what the rather unusual election was about. The more conservative component of the country’s ruling coalition remained officially opposed to same-sex marriage recognition and would not allow its members to vote their consciences and defy the party’s position. The polls though, showed that Australians widely supported same-sex marriage recognition. So the ruling government called for this nationwide referendum to ask the citizens one single question: Whether to legally recognize same-sex marriage.

This yes vote will now give members of parliament the political cover to go ahead and change the law. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he’ll bring a bill before the Parliament before Christmas. While it appears same-sex marriage is inevitable, there’s going to be a familiar-to-Americans fight over what sort of protections to include to account for private religious objections to recognizing same-sex marriages. Stay tuned for a new round of wedding cake wars, perhaps.

Scott Shackford

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