Detroit Cops Posing As Drug Sellers Brawl With Colleagues Posing As Prospects

WikipediaWikipediaFinal week in Detroit, undercover cops posing as drug sellers obtained right into a public brawl with undercover cops posing as drug consumers. WJBK, the native Fox station, calls the combat, which concerned drawn weapons, flying fists, and at the very least two dozen officers, “a case of the nice guys going after the nice guys.” The outline is debatable.

The faux drug sellers, who have been from town’s 12th Precinct, deliberate to arrest anybody who approached them and seize their automobiles—actions that might rightly be acknowledged as assault, kidnapping, and theft however for the warped ethical logic of the struggle on medicine. The faux drug consumers, who have been from the 11th Precinct, deliberate to arrest individuals for agreeing to the consensual change of merchandise for cash. They ordered the opposite cops to the bottom, at which level the 2 officers from the 12th Precinct should have realized that they had mistaken colleagues for criminals and that their colleagues had made the identical mistake. But all of them obtained right into a combat anyway.

After the preliminary confrontation, WJBK reviews, “the remainder of the particular ops workforce from the 12th Precinct confirmed up” and began to raid the “drug home.” The home-owner “stood and watched” as “weapons have been drawn and punches have been thrown.” At the very least one officer was taken to the hospital.

The Every day Mail reports that the incident was recorded by body cameras. WJBK says “each officer involved is now under investigation” as “the department tries to determine what went wrong.”

What went wrong, aside from the obvious lack of coordination and professionalism, is that the government decided to violently insert itself into peaceful transactions between consenting adults, which led police officers to pose as such so they could lock people in cages for actions that violate no one’s rights. In this case, each side to the transaction wanted to lock up the other side, and each side understandably resented the other’s intention. But at least the collateral damage was kept to a minimum. Maybe this is how the war on drugs should be waged from now on.

Jacob Sullum

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